About us

LED lighting is the future. In time it will help to dramatically reduce our use of electricity, and it is a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly technology than other alternatives. However, it is tough for consumers – and even experts – to make sense of the products and product claims on the market today. Therefore, we have launched LED Light Reviews to provide an objective source of reviews and information about LED light bulbs and LED lighting accessories.

We realize that what we are providing here as we begin this effort, is just a start. We anticipate that as we have a chance to test more products and collect more customer data, we will be able to build a much more comprehensive and consistent approach and set of reviews. Please consider this starting point and work with us to make this the best possible resource.

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology used to describe specific types of light bulbs or are unfamiliar – as most are – with the considerations that you should take into account when comparing LED light bulbs, please take a look at our detailed Glossary as well as our helpful articles on selecting and installing various types of LED light bulbs.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Please feel free to contact us at info@ledlightreviews.org.