Hi everyone,

I am Ryan. Here’s a little bit of background to how I was drawn to the fascinating world of horticulture – you know, just in case a visitor and fellow plantsman felt like wanting to get to know me better.

Born in the countryside of Ohio in a neighborhood where most families were into farming, I was taught right since childhood that growing plants is very much like growing one’s own children. The more carefully you raise them and the more you nurture them, the healthier they tend to grow and the higher the chance that they will reward you with healthy crops, fruits, and flowers. Every member of our family – me and my two siblings included – were always asked to take turns looking after parts of our enormous garden. I reckon it’s that kind of an upbringing that brought me closer to nature, which in due time, manifested in a deep fascination for horticulture.

Once I moved to the city – first Cleveland and then Pittsburgh – for a while, there was no way for me to continue pursuing my passion for gardening like I used to do back in the good old days. But eventually, when I moved to a slightly bigger house in the suburbs in 2009 (still a pretty small one by most standards), I knew the time was ripe to get back to doing what I did the best. However, because the space available was limited this time, I had to settle with indoor planting.

So, here we are – after more than 8 years of raising many different types of plants indoors, I finally figured starting a blog and sharing my knowledge and experiences with the rest of the community would be the next logical step to take.

In this blog, I will be covering all aspects of growing plants indoors including the best tools to use, some of the finer details to choosing the right balance of nutrients that most other blogs in this niche won’t ever tell you, as well as how to make the most out of your limited space and money for growing different types of plants.

Agreed, there’s plenty to cover – but I promise to be fairly regular with my posts and updates.

Honest Disclosure: If you purchase some of the products (SOME, not all) mentioned on my blog by clicking on the links provided, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Having said that, I will always make it a point to keep my posts objective, unbiased, and based on facts. After all, that’s the best way to maintain one’s reputation, right?